Become a JYS Model ?

TERM LENGTH: Three Month from Date you place your first order. CAN START AT ANY TIME!

Hey Hey!! Do you LOVE what you see in our collection? Great! Joining our Model Team will give you loyal Model Rewards. We are so so happy that you would like to join JYS's Family!! 

What are my Perks?

1.) You will receive a Personal Discount Code for 30% off EACH order during your term as a Brand Rep. 

2.) Your pet will get reposted on our Social Media Platforms. You will be reposted on at least ONE of our Social Media Platforms. You may get reposted on multiple forms of Social Media.

3.) & ONE very AMAZING part!!! Your pet *MAY* get reposted on our WEBSITE!! 

4.) You will have a 15% off PERSONAL Discount code to SHARE will all Friends & Family. Your personal code will be the first name of your pet's name + the number 20 attached to the end. You may request a different code, ONLY ONCE. Code will Expire after Each Term.

5.) The VERY VERY BEST PART... You will join the GREATEST FAMILY EVER!!!!

IM SOLD... so How do I Become a Model?

1.) Use code: XXXXXX to receive 30% off your ALL your orders during your time as a Brand Model!! Please Message us about Modeling to claim this Discount Code. 

2.) Once you have received your Brand Model Discount Code, It is time to make your First Purchase. DO NOT FORGET YOUR BRAND MODEL DISCOUNT CODE!

3.) Send Us Back: Your Name, Your Pets Name & Your 4 digit Order Number. *PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!!*

Once Step #3 is complete, we will send you access to our Brand Model Discount Page.

*** NOTE: SEND IN ALL NEW ORDER NUMBERS during your time as a Brand Model. You will be required to send in ONE photo & ONE video per piece that is ordered with the Brand Model Discount Code. ***

Make sure to Follow us on ALL Social Media:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram Page:

*** If you do not have one of the Social Media platforms, That is OKAY... Do not stress!! ***


As a JYS Model, We ask that you...

1.) Stay engaged in our Social Media, (of course, the ones that you have) Stay liking & commenting. Discount or Giveaway is up, SHARE. Find a piece that you LOVE, share it on your story. & ALWAYS remember... don’t forget to TAG!!

2.) Send in each photo as a JYS Model in the each item you have bought with your Discount Code!! You MUST take ONE photo & ONE video per Piece bought with the Brand Model Discount Code. 

PLEASE NOTE when taking your photos for JYS:

  • Keep Solid, Neutral, Aesthetic Background and/or Natural (outdoor) Background. 
  • AVOID Dark Backgrounds. We will NOT Repost DARK Backgrounds.
  • Do NOT put the photos in a collage. We will NOT Repost Collages. 
  • Keep ALL your photos & videos with CLEAR resolution.
  • Keep in mind to show the Piece in FULL, we are displaying the piece.
  • Show your babes BEST Brand Model Pose!

    PLEASE NOTE when tagging us:

    Do not just mention us in your Comments. BE SURE to tag us on EACH photo. If you do not Tag us on the photo, we may miss liking & commenting on your beautiful photos!

    • Tagging us on Facebook? You must tag: @JYS.Paws.
    • Tagging us on Instagram? You must tag: @JYS.Paws.

    PLEASE NOTE when sending in Photos :

    You MUST take ONE PHOTO & ONE VIDEO EACH per piece bought with the Brand Model Discount Code. Send in ALL photos by Email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Messenger.

    • BY EMAIL: Attach your pets photoshoot! Be sure to send them in to Include which Social Media(s) you have (Facebook, Instagram, Both) & include your tag (@XXXXXX). 
    • BY MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM: Attach your pets photoshoot! Include which Social Media(s) you have (Facebook, Instagram, Both) & include your tag (@XXXXXX). 

    Be sure to SHARE your Personal Code for Friends & Family to receive an additional 20% off.

    3.) + LASTLY... Please Please Please REVIEW!! You will see a tab under 'About Us' that shows 'Our REVIEWS,' Click that tab & you will then be directed to review all items you LOVE!! Thank you so much in advance!